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48 nature crafts - a full year of outdoor craft ideas to do outside!

Get outside and start exploring! Then, create inspiring crafts that will make the day even more memorable. From floating walnut boats, to creating leaf art, we have something here for all seasons, and all ages!

Being outside with children should be stress-free and free! That is why we have made this PDF and blog completely free and have included inexpensive to completely free nature craft ideas. We poured hours of love and creativity into this 48 seasonal craft collection, by personally making every craft and formatting it all into this wonderful blog post and printable PDF. It has been a very satisfying process of being able to create these beautiful memories through art and nature, over the course of a full year with our own children. Then, have the ability to share this nature craft collection with you so that other people can create them too!

We had so much fun making these nature crafts outside and we hope that you will too!

This blog post comes with a matching printable card pack, to print out and create a letter-sized document or cut the cards out and make mini-booklets of the seasonal nature crafts, You can print them double-sided too, with the images on one side and the matching descriptions on the other. Make a mini-book for each season or create one large year-long booklet.

We have also added more details on this blog post about each craft, with links to some individual blog posts that have further step-by step instructions.

Get this blog post as a FREE 48 Nature crafts PDF! Just go to our freebies page and download the PDF from our newsletter signup!

Free templates:

Phenology wheel is a circular journal to help you create a visual observation of the changing seasons found in the natural world around you.

hand-painted Phenology Nature Journal by Bethany @winterdragoncrafts

Download and Print:

Nature Fortune teller craft template:

Download and print!


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