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Up-cycle cardboard boxes from your kitchen cupboard to make these colourful Easter Eggs. Using thin cardboard from cereal, cracker or pasta boxes work well.

You can make these anytime of year but they are the perfect spring craft!

Each one will be unique as you create colourful patterns on your cardboard egg.

No glue is required and there are minimal materials!

We made these during only one crafting session and can’t wait to make more! They are endless fun because you’ll get better at designing the more you practice combing colours and patterns together, These were made by adults and children.

We were surprised at how well our six year old could weave them, with little or no guidance, Just pick up your cardboard egg and start placing the string through the cutout slits on the edges of the egg. It’s simple to create yet the patterns you make can be as complicated as you want,, so this is a craft for all ages!

Spring is in the air!


  1. Cardboard box - like a cereal box

  2. Coloured embroidery string (or yarn)

  3. Scissors


  1. Cut out an egg shape, any size.

2. Make small slits all the way around the cardboard egg, about .25 to .5 of an inch For small eggs and an inch for larger ones. Make at least 8 slits for a decent design. Make sure they line up on both sides for symmetry.

3. Start weaving a design. Add a simple double knot on the string to hold it onto the slit.

When you are weaving come up with your own creative patterns. Free style your design or make the weave symmetrical. If you skip every first, second or third slit you will start to create interesting symmetry.

4. Add a second colour if desired.

5. Tie a knot in the back to secure the string or tie the two string ends together.

Display your eggs:

1. Use wooden clothes hangers to attach them to a string to make your single eggs into a beautiful banner.

2. Attach them to tree branches outside on warm days!

3. Frame them!

4. Tape them to the wall or onto the fridge

We hope that you are inspired by some of our colourful creations:

Each weaved egg is uniquely designed!

We hope you have fun creating these colourful cardboard eggs. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and tag @acorns.and.aprons if you create this craft and we will feature it as a story. Happy Spring!


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