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What kid doesn't love getting their hands messy with paint?? Some of the best crafts are fun for this reason. Painting on your hand to create this handprint crafts is memorable in itself but it's also a special keepsake. You can create this as a gift or for yourself. These are a bit more delicate than what a keepsake should be and may tear easily but they are too gorgeous not to make and you’ll want to hang on to them for as long as possible.

Another fun thing about this craft is that it's for all ages! You are never too young or too old to have a handprint made, plus adding a colourful suncatcher to your house is always welcomed. The younger children may need some help but allowing them to do as much of the craft as possible is also important, like adding their handprint, decorating the frame and picking the flowers they want. They may need a little help gluing.. Make sure to follow the steps on how to glue..

If you plan ahead you can pick some flowers outside on a nature walk or from your garden, and press dry them for a few days before creating this craft. We picked wildflowers from vines and blossoms from trees. It’s fun to create this craft outside on a sunny day as well!

As you can tell by the photos, the tissue paper changes colours slightly depending on the sun and where it is hung up in your house!


  1. Tissue paper - green and blue. (or kite paper)

  2. Green paint, washable or non-toxic acrylic

  3. Watercolour paper or thick cardboard

  4. White non-toxic school glue or Mod Podge

  5. Pressed Dried Flowers - small garden flowers or wildflowers.



  1. Lay the green tissue paper flat onto a table. We made our handprints outside so we used rocks to weigh down the tissue paper

  2. Apply the paint to the hand you wish to create the handprint, by using the paintbrush. The child may paint it themselves or get help.

  3. Press the hand down onto the paper and leave it there for a second or two and then gently lift the hand up. Since it is printing it into tissue paper, it might be a bit stuck, have a helper hold do the tissue paper as the hand is being taken off to prevent rips.


Step 4: . Cut out a paper or cardboard frame either with scissors or an xacto knife into a square or rectangle shape. If you wish to create the frame by using four thin strips of paper that works too. Use thick paper like watercolour paper to have a sturdy Suncatcher.

Step 5: Before gluing your frame onto your tissue paper, you may wish to paint it or colour with the markers or crayons. Our girls painted two of the frames with watercolour paints.

Step 6: Cut out your handprint into a square or rectangular shape, or you can also keep it on the larger sheet and cut it after you glue the frame onto the tissue paper.

Step 7: Glue your frame directly onto the tissue paper. Make sure you apply the glue to only the frame not the tissue paper. Once the glue is apply, pressed down onto the spot you wish to stick it, If you choose to use strips as a frame, glue each strip down onto the tissue paper so that it borders around your handprint, overlapping them where they join. the photo below was made using 4 strips of paper.

Step 8: Allow the glue to dry.

Step 9: Cut along the edge of the outer frame to removed the excess tissue paper. You will also need to cut any excess frame as well if you used a 4 strip frame instead of a fully intact one.


Step 10: Glue on your pressed dried flowers so that each one is glued onto the fingertips. To do this apply the glue to the flower and then press it onto the tissue paper gently. To avoid rips, do not apply the glue to the tissue paper, only to the flowers.

Don’t be afraid to let the flower touch the border, or even go right onto the border.

To create different colours of green tissue paper, layer your tissue paper;

  1. 1 green tissue paper for a light green.

  2. Two tissue papers layered for the darker green.

  3. Layer one blue and one green tissue paper for the turquoise colour. Green is on top.

Add other colours if you want a more colourful suncatcher. we went with simplistic colours so that the flowers stood out.

Place the extra layers under the handprint and glue it onto the frame when you are gluing the other pieces.

Charlotte (age 6) holding up her keepsake Flower Handprint Suncatcher.

Our girls loved making this craft and also loved getting messy! The paint will easily wash off, but make sure to use a washable paint if you are concerned.

Violet (age 2) holding up her sweet handprint. She painted the frame herself as well.

We didn't take photos of some of the steps due to the messy nature of hand painting, but we hope the written steps will guide you through the process. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email use at We would be happy to help with any questions.

These are adorable hung on the wall in a frame as artwork or in the window as Suncatchers. The combination of cute small hands with the flowers and delicate tissue paper is super adorable. Don’t worry if the tissue paper is a bit crinkled, that is part of the charm!

If there is a space in the middle of the palm, that sometimes happens naturally when creating a handprint, paint in a little heart! .

We hope you enjoy creating this beautiful flower handprint Suncatcher! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons if you create this craft, we would love to see your creations and we may feature it on our blog or social media account!

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