We wanted to share how to make this fun Elsa braid headband so that you could make it as a special gift for your child. Obviously we didn’t design these cute headbands but we enjoyed creating them and watching the girls play dress-up. Our girls love these headbands. Our two year doesn’t know who Elsa is but she thinks it’s fun wearing a long braid. Being able to make homemade gifts like this for special occasions is something we cherish in our household.

Materials :

  1. White or light yellow yarn - acrylic is best

  2. scissors

  3. blue hair tie or ribbon

  4. Snowflake beads or embellishments to glue on if desired. (Not in tutorial)


- You’ll need to cut 75- 120 pieces of yarn, depending on how thick you want the braid.

- measure your child‘s head to get the exact measurement for the first circle braid. Measure around the head above the ears. You can go half an inch smaller because the yarn stretches out. Don’t go any bigger than your child’s head or it might not stay on.

Measurements for ages 1-4:

- Cut 75 pieces for smaller children - minimum (that’s 25 strands per section of braid).

- The pieces should be 4-5 feet (40- 60 Inches) in length.

Measurements for Ages 4 and up:

- Cut 90-120+ pieces for ages 4 and up.

- For longer braids and older children I would recommend making 7-8ft (80-100 inches) long strands.

- Whatever number you go with make sure it’s divisible by 3.

If you wanted to replace one of the braid sections with blue coloured yarn that would look great too! We kept it simple for the tutorial but feel free to add beads and other decor to your braid. I’ve seen them made with Christmas snowflake ornaments attached to the braid using a hot glue gun or by tying the snowflakes on with yarn.

Measuring out that many yarn strands is a big job and takes time. The smaller sized braid can be measured out easier. One thing I found to speed up this process on longer braids is to use a large table and wrap the yarn fully around the long part of the table lengthwise, see photo below. Then cut the yarn once or twice depending on the size of your table. If you cut it two times, double it up and cut it equally in the middle. I did that for my two year old and had 4ft long pieces.

I made the round braid a bit smaller than her head circumference because the yarn stretches out. I only did that because I wanted the long part of the braid to be a good length and 4ft is not a lot to work with. The top braid looks a bit stretch out but she didn’t notice. When I made my older kid’s braided headband I took my time and made sure to make 120, 8ft long strands. I wanted to be certain it would be long enough and fit her head size.

My 6 year old became interested with me wrapping the yarn around the table and so she wanted to help. Lucky for me she took over this task for awhile and gave me a break. So, definitely include your kid to help, even if it’s a surprise homemade gift chances are they won’t understand what you are making at this early stage.

After you measure out 75 - 120+ strands it’s time to start braiding, remember to take a measurement of your child’s head circumference so that you know how long to make the braid that goes in the middle. There’s a trick to braiding in the exact middle, where you first find the exact middle and then start to braid downward for half of the head measurement and then go back to the other side and braid in that direction. There’s a few other methods you can go about to make the braid centred but I just eyeballed it the best I could and trimmed the very end of the braided yarn strands when I was finished the project, to even out any uneven yarn.

Once you have braided the middle part of the headband - the size of your child’s head, it’s time to braid the two ends together by doubling up each section of each braid so that you have three sections instead of six. The right sections go together, middle sections go together and left sections go together. Once you have three sections start to braid until you reach the very end of the yarn and put a hair tie to hold the braid securely. You can wrap a blue ribbon around the hair tie and tie a bow.

Here are the visual STEPS:

Violet age 2 modelling the 4 ft - 90 strand braid.

Sasha modelling the 8 ft - 120 strand braid that reduces in size when braided.

We hope you enjoy making this cute Elsa braid. The prep work of measuring the yarn takes longer than the actual braiding part but it’s worth it in the end when you see your child‘s amusement and joy. Plus, nothing beats homemade gifts!

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