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Christmas ornaments are a great opportunity for creativity and crafts for kids - we love to think of ways to create memories through family crafts that get displayed on our tree or other prominent places throughout our home. These delicate homemade geodes are great ways to catch the light and brighten the winter months.

How to make the coloured salt mixture for the geode crystals:

Make this coloured salt the night before the craft so that it’s fully dried before using it.


1. epsom salt or large rough cooking salt

2. food colouring

3. cold water

Add a few drops of food colouring to 3 tablespoons of COLD water. Hot water will melt the salt, but cold water won’t. Add roughly half a cup of salt to each food coloured water you mix up. Place it evenly on a metal cooking sheet or cake pan (you can line it with paper towel to dry faster) and allow it to fully dry overnight.

Craft Materials:

  1. 1 egg carton

  2. coloured salt (see above)

  3. hole puncher

  4. coloured string or yarn

  5. washable paints or acrylic paints

  6. non-toxic clear glue - school glue


1. Cut out some egg carton round like this:

2. Paint the bottom brown or brownish-red, as the outer rough rock of the geode and allow it to dry.

3. Paint the inside of the cardboard a different colour, matching the coloured salt.

4. use a hole puncher and punch a hole into each one at the side edge. 5. place coloured string or yarn through the hole and tie a knot, these are your loops strings so that you can hang it onto your tree.

5. Apply clear school glue to the entire inside and scoop or sprinkle in some of the coloured salt, then turn it upside down back into the salt bowl to allow an access salt to fall off. Let it dry.

Hang them on your tree or somewhere special.

We hope you enjoy making these ornaments! Follow us on Instagram and feel free to tag us if you create this craft @acorns.and.aprons. We would love to see them. We have several other geode themed crafts on our blog, so check it out and have a geode theme art week!


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