This interesting and intricate heart craft is a great learning activity for Valentine’s Day, incorporating geometric shape and puzzle problem-solving skills into a cup coaster. The symbolism that it creates is the perfect sentiment for expressing your love to someone, two hearts sharing each other.

You can cut out any shapes you want, from squares to triangles and even circles! Make your heart puzzle as easy or as hard as you’d like. The concept is simple but how you cut out your design determines how hard the puzzle is. Create an interesting Mosaic design by adding two different coloured hearts with the exact same pattern, then swap out one colour for the other, alternating the colours to create a coloured pattern. Pick one coloured shape from one design and move it over to the other design, switching the colours around until you feel like the design is perfect and then glue it down to create a beautiful coaster.

A beautiful gift for that special someone


1. 4 Felt sheets, two colours for the top and two for the bottom.

2. Clear school glue or mod podge

3. A paint brush to paint the glue onto the back (if desired)

4. Scissors

5. Safety pins or sewing pins or clamps or clothes pins etc. (something to hold the two heart pieces together while you cut them to keep them lined up).

6. A piece of paper (to draw your geometric shapes/ lines onto prior to cutting)

7. A marker or a pencil

Visual steps:


  1. Make a paper heart cutout as a template for tracing the two hearts.

  2. Draw lines and shapes on the paper heart, those will be the lines that you cut. Use a ruler or freehand, below was drawn freehand by Charlotte age 6.

  3. Stack the two coloured sheets of felt that you want for your heart then put the paper heart template on top.

  4. Secure the paper heart on top of the felt pieces, so that the two felt pieces don’t move while you are cutting them. You can use safety pins for young children and sewing pins for older ones. You can also use clothes pin or clamps around the edges.

  5. First cut the heart edge out of the felt pieces so that you have only a heart.

  6. Start cutting each line and shape within the heart, making sure to keep both felt pieces the same while cutting them together.

  7. Once you have them all cut out, it’s time to put them back together, but by using pieces from both colours. Alternating the colours..

  8. When you have recreated the two hearts, and made your heart puzzle, you can now glue them back together. Glue each piece onto a piece of felt. We used one white felt sheet and one black, but you can use any colours you’d like. You can glue them close togther or leave a bit of a crack, both look great!

  9. Allow the glue to dry.

  10. Cut the heart out of the bottom felt piece that you just glued on, leaving a bit of a edge if desired.

  11. All finished! Now you can use your beautiful felt hearts as coasters or frame them on your wall.

By using the felt, you can turn them into unique cup coasters. You can also just use paper and make them into an art piece for your wall.

These heart cutouts are colourful and fun way to learn about shapes, colours and geometry.

We hope you enjoy making these geometric heart puzzles! If you make them feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons and we will post your creation to our story.

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