Making homemade paper is such a fun summer activity, the pulp dries fast in the sun and pressing the paper is mess-free when done outside. Using beautiful summer wildflowers makes this even better! Find some that are growing plentiful and have fun gathering a few for this nature and recycled craft.


  1. A framed screen

  2. Additional mesh piece of similar size

  3. Recycled white paper

  4. Coloured paper to help add some colour

  5. A blender

  6. Water

  7. Towels - tea towels work well

  8. Gathered fresh or dried flowers

  9. Two toilet paper rolls - per binoculars

  10. Glue - school glue or a hot glue gun

  11. String (if desired)

These homemade nature-inspired binoculars are fun for pretend play. The unique texture and patterns created from the paper and flowers make these a special craft to hold onto all summer. We used Wild Daisies - but any wildflower would be beautiful!

You can also turn this craft into a hand-kite! Follow along with the instructions below and then add some fabric. More information at the bottom.


Blending the paper pulp:

  1. Rip up your recycled paper into tiny pieces, about an inch or less.

  2. We added a few recycled white pieces of paper with two purple ones.

  3. Add the pieces of paper to a blender, about half way full.

  4. Add water to the blender to cover the entire paper pieces and fill it 3/4th full.

  5. Blend on high until it makes a nice, wet pulp.

Add the pulp to your paper making mesh frame:

  1. Pour some of the pulp directly onto your frame, making sure the entire mesh area is covered with the pulp. Don‘t make it too thin or thick. We used a smaller frame to match the size of the toilet paper roll. A larger frame will work too.

  2. Since you will be adding flowers, don’t press it down yet, so that there’s still water to help the flowers stick to the pulp when you do press it altogether.

Add your wildflowers to the pulp:

  1. Place the flowers onto the paper pulp in the paper making frame. Laying them as flat as possible so they will stick to the pulp as it dries.

Press it down using a piece of mesh:

  1. Place a mesh piece (without a frame) directly onto the paper, and press it down with your hands or by using a roller. When you press it with the mesh, the pulp will not stick to it. If you buy a small paper-making kit, all of the proper materials for pressing the paper will be in it.

  2. Press as much water out as you can, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

  3. When you remove the mesh from the top layer, it should look flat and the flowers should be sticking into the pulp like the photo below.

Taking out the paper from the frame: