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This 5 pointed fox star window transparency is a fun way to brighten up your window and add some nature-inspired art to it. We came up with this idea because we love red and orange foxes and star window art, so why not combine the two?

We included the heart, because it's basically the same folding technique but with only two square pieces. That way it could become a Valentine’s or anniversary window display as well. The two foxes are obviously in love. You can just make the fox and it looks great too! Mix and match and have fun!

You can display it in the window or use it as a paper mask or puppet, if you attach it to a stick.

Materials (for one fox):

  1. 3 pieces of red or orange kite paper

  2. 2 pieces of white kite paper

  3. A piece of black kite paper or regular black paper for the eyes and nose.

  4. Scissors

  5. A glue stick

Directions (see images along with the text):

1. Fold the paper in half at two points (so it creates a triangle ) then unfold.

2. Fold it again at the other points, then unfold. 3. You now have an X fold line to work from.

4. Fold one of the points so that it matches with the middle X

5. Fold the other point that is across from that one, so that it stops at the middle X. Then unfold it and fold it again so that it lines up with the new fold line below. 6. Fold the top points on the right and left so that they meet with the middle point, follow that line for the entire side of the paper. 7. Fold those sides one more time so that they meet up with the bottom horizontal line (keep the point at the top). 8. Now fold the bottom section on both sides in slightly to make the top appear pointed, matching it up with the bottom fold line. Create 3 red and 2 white of the exact same fold.

Cut one of the red and one of the white In half along the middle fold line.

Begin assembling the fox:

All of the long points should face outwards and the shorter points will line up in the middle. Some of the pieces will overlap, so follow carefully using the pictures as a guide.

Glue two of the folded red pieces together, so that the points face outwards and they overlap by about half an inch on the top. The points at the bottom middle should line up completely.

Add the two cut red pieces by lining the bottom point up on the middle but the top part should line up with the middle fold of the ears. Glue it down with the main points sticking outward. You can decide how pointed you want the fox ears and adjust them closer or farther apart. For the orange one, we made the ears point up more.

Glue the two white pieces onto the matching red ones, like so:

Finally, glue the white piece that will be the nose on, with the longer point pointing outward and the smaller one should line up in the middle. The side pieces will overlap with the other pieces, like shown below.

Now it is time to create a black nose - using a circle shape and two eyes - using a U shape

For the heart, make the same folds as the fox but fold in the top corner to round out the heart;

These are perfect to make on anniversaries or Valentine’s Day! Send out some love with these cute hearts.

We hope you have fun making a cute fox star, heart or both! You can make one or two or as many as you’d like! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons - we would love to see your creations and we will share it to our stories!


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