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These natural witch brooms made from sticks and various grasses can be a centre piece to a Halloween feast, home decor, use as a magical wand or a prop in a Halloween costume. You can hang them on your wall or lay them on a mantle, the creative possibilities are endless.

Who doesn’t want to own a magical witch broom?

Making one yourself is even more rewarding, especially when all of the materials can be found on a forest walk in nature. We used wire to help hold it together but you could tie it together with actual grass, although it might not hold together very long.

We used the homemade witch brooms as props during dress-up play! Be warned that according to our daughters, the brooms might possess the power to turn humans into frogs.

The materials you’ll need to make a witch broom:

  1. a stick

  2. dry grass

  3. wire or string

Make the witch brooms as big or as small as you’d like. We made them miniature and small to use as magic wands and props in a costume for Halloween. Follow the simple steps above to help recreate these witch natural brooms. It’s the perfect autumn craft to do with the entire family. Get outside and gather materials together. If you want to avoid messes inside, either cut up the materials outside and then bring them inside, or do the entire craft outside! We hope you enjoy this craft as much as we did.

Have fun creating and playing! Happy Halloween 🎃


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