These watercolour Octopus are an interesting subject to paint on any given day but they are especially unique and fun to make for Valentine’s day or as a friendship and love letter. Express your love and friendship by creating special paintings for your friends. By including three hearts that represent the three hearts that an octopus really has. A great way to let that special person really know how important they are. You can also create this octopus for yourself.

For younger children, or those who enjoy the watercolour octopus paintings that we created. We made printable cards for you to print out. Add your own creativity to them!

Make them into love letters, matching card game, playing cards, cut and paste to create a sorting and number game. There are no rules, just have fun and create!

Some of the images still need the octopus suckers and eyes drawn on to them:

🐙 use your fingerprint and ink or paint

🐙 use a Q-tip and Paint

🐙 use a marker

🐙 use paint and a paintbrush

🐙 use your fingertip to finger paint.

The other octopus cards could use 3 hearts on each, wherever you’d like to place them. Turning them into a unique valentines card or love letters.

🐙 You can glue on cutout hearts

🐙 use a stamp heart

🐙 add heart stickers

🐙 draw them on with marker

🐙 paint them on

Cut out the Octopus and glue them onto folded card stock to make a card or just cut out two togther and fold along the line to create a card. Don’t forget to sign the inside of the card with a cute saying like, “I love you with all of my 3 hearts!”.

You can find the octupus card printables on our printables page, under the main menu. Scroll through here to see the examples we have waiting to be printed out and made into a craft!

Go to the PRINTABLES section on our website, in the MAIN MENU area to find all of the free printable Octopis cards, along with some other fun nature-themed printables.

FREE Printables (more examples at the bottom):

Learn a bit about this deep sea creature while creating this craft, like how an Octopus has three hearts; a systemic heart that circulates blood around the body and two branchial hearts that pump blood to the gills. They also have blue blood!

another interesting fact is that Octopus limbs are often mistakenly called tentacles, but in fact they are arms and legs, not tentacles. The main difference that specialists say differentiates the two is that an arm is shorter and stronger than a tentacle and has suckers up the entire arm, a tentacle only has suckers around their tips. Examples of invertebrates that posses tentacles include; squid, cuttlefish, snails, sea anemones, and jellyfish.

Now let’s try painting these octopus! It’s fun and each one turns out uniquely. Don’t forget to only paint 8 arms on your Octopus so that you can remember how many a real-life octopus has.


For painting the Octopus:

  1. paint brushes, small or medium

  2. watercolour paints

  3. markers ( for the dots, or use watercolour paint)

  4. watercolour paper

  5. container of water for the brushes

For creating the printout cards:

  1. paper

  2. a printer

  3. scissors

  4. markers

All ages can paint these octopus. Check out the ones painted by Charlotte age 6.

Octopus painting by 6 year old Charlotte


Addition: Paint 6 arms + 2 legs = 8

  • for Anatomical correctness

Counting: include 3 hearts ♥️🤍❤️

  • that represent the three hearts that an octopus really has

Violet age 2 - Octopus painting 2021

How to Paint this Octopus with watercolour paints:

Follow the step by step visual guide below to help you create your painting.

Start with the round part of the head, and then paint each long arm (wiggly and curvey), by starting at the body and bringing the brush outward. Paint 8 arms. Allow it to dry, then paint the oval eyes and dots for the suckers. Our 6 year old drew on the eyes and suckers with a marker after the painting was dry, so using a marker is also a great option.