Art and Crafts is a passion in our household but often Crafts are something you make, not necessarily something you can play with afterwards. We love to give our crafts a purpose, either by creating learning crafts or toys that can be played with. We believe that these baskets do both! Collect items you find in nature and add them to your basket, as you take a nature walk in the woods. Learn about different kinds of mushrooms or other natural items you collect along the forest floor. You could also use these baskets in pretend-play, our youngest loves carrying her small stuffy in them!

We made these adorable nature baskets out of a cereal box that you would otherwise recycle. Recycling materials into a beautiful craft brings us great pleasure. Not only is it an environmentally friendly way to go about crafting, it’s also nice to have the materials readily available and essentially free. That is why we love these cardboard baskets so much! There is no glue required and you only need a few materials to create this beautiful craft.

Add creative details by painting it, or add dried flowers. We recommend that you keep the inside free of paint, ifyou wish to collect edibles, like wild mushrooms or berries. Tt’s best to have the inside a unpainted cardboard material.

These baskets are perfect for wild mushrooms especially! You can create a wild mushroom basket, a flower themed basket, a pinecone basket, a sun or anything else you wish to create. As you scroll through this blog post, we will show you the different themes we have made in hopes that it will inspire you,

We have included a few free templates to download and use. You can also use it as a reference to help demonstrate how to draw your own!

In this blog you’ll find step by step visual guides to walk you though the construction on how to make these nature cardboard baskets!


  1. A cereal box, regular sized or extra large

  2. 4 paper fasteners

  3. A pin (or use scissors) to create a hole

  4. Scissors

  5. Washable paints or Acrylic Paints

  6. A small and medium paint brush

  7. Glue (if desired).


Step One: Draw out this easy template onto one side of a cereal box. Bigger boxes mean bigger baskets. You can put a simple mushroom design in the middle, or a circle or a triangle, or whatever you’d like!

You can print this template directly from here or visit our printables section and download it there.. This is free to use but with copyright restrictions.

Enlarge your template to fit larger cereal boxes, if needed!

For the templates: Fold along the dotted line and cut along the solid lines. You can either Trace the template onto the cardboard after you cut it out or tape the template down onto the cardboard, cut it out and remove the template.

Step two: Cut out the template. Cutting a rectangular shape. then the mushroom, and the two slits on both sides of the mushroom, do the same for both sides.

Step Three: Make holes into all 12 rectangle pieces and on the mushroom. Make the hole with a pin about half an inch from the edge.

Step Four: Fold the cutouts inwards, so that you make a crease. These are the sides of the basket, leaving the bottom part flat. This step will aslo help you flod the side in towards the middle.