This is a fun DIY game to create because you can add your own creative design to the elements are you will also be able to custom build your game board each game by manipulating the moveable parts.

Before you begin your game, place the snakes and ladders wherever you’d like on your Baird. Change it up each game so you‘ll never get bored of this board game. Make it easy or hard depending on the skill level. You can add numbers, letters, words, mathematics, pictures or anything you’d like into the square sections. That way you can teach children different skills that they need to learn while playing the game.

Roll up the fabric game board and place it and all of the pieces into a carry bag. Take it with you outside to play anywhere you’d like. It’s a great game to bring with you on a backyard or park picnic. It’s also fun to play on a large table during family game night.

Creating the snakes is a fun craft in itself. The ladders will need help from an adult, unless you chose to glue the pieces together. The cute miniature ladders can also be made on their own as a fun piece in a fairy garden.



  1. sticks (with a wiggle, bend or curve)

  2. paint (acrylic or washable child’s paint)

  3. paint brushes

  4. container of water (to clean brushes while painting)

  5. newspaper or recycled paper to protect your table while painting

Miniature wooden Ladders:

  1. sticks (straight)

  2. wooden dowels

  3. masking tape

  4. drill

Miniature wooden Ladders (without a drill):

  1. sticks

  2. wooden dowels

  3. glue (mod podge or clear school glue)

  4. String

Fabric Board:

  1. white or light coloured fabric (we used fabric canvas)

  2. pencil

  3. ruler

  4. permanent marker

  5. wooden numbers or letters to place into the squares, or write them on with marker.

Additional items you’ll need:

  1. dice

  2. player pieces (you can use small rocks)

How to make the snakes:

  1. Collect some sticks for the snakes from outside on the forest floor in the woods, at a local park or in your backyard.

  2. Put some newspaper or recycled paper under the snakes on the table you are using, to protect your table.

  3. Start painting your snake using acrylic paint or washable child’s paint (if your child tends to paint themselves and clothing instead).

  4. Try to use bright colours, and interesting shapes. Diamonds, X’s, lines and circles work great. Paint your snake realistically or abstract.

  5. Allow it to dry.

Use paper under your stick to avoid messes on tables.