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This forest during a snowstorm painting will help teach kids how to use perspective and depth in their artwork. By applying a few basic drawing techniques like shades of colour, placement and sizing, you’ll be able to create an interesting perspective of a forest landscape. The lighter colours are further away and the black trees are closer. You can apply this to mountains and other outdoor landscapes in your artwork as well.

Snowstorm painting by Acorns and Aprons 2020

Use different shades of black and grey and different sized trees to create a forest landscape perspective:

Snow storm tree painting by Charlotte age 6


1. Acrylic Paint or Washable Children’s paint

colours: black, white and blue

2. Thick Paper like watercolour paper

3. Paint brushes

4. Cotton balls

5. Clothespin

6. Painter‘s Palette (or a lid)


1. Mix white and black together to get a light grey colour. Start with the light trees; add a few to the top section of the painting. Paint them in by making a line for the trunk and add a few lines coming out for the branches,

2. Add the next set of trees: first mix more black and white paint together this time making it a bit darker of a colour. Paint a few trees but make them start a bit lower down than the first lighter trees, they are slightly closer in perspective and a bit bigger. Paint a thicker line with the paint brush for each tree trunk and a few branches coming out like before.

3. Paint the last set of trees. These ones are black. Make them slightly bigger than the middle trees and paint the trunk that hits the ground further down the page than the other ones. You might want to make it the full length of the page. See the photos for examples on how to layer the trees to add perspective.

4. Once the trees have dried it is time to paint the snow. Put some white and blue together on the palette, overlapping each other, but don’t mix it all the way together. Take a cotton ball and pinch it in your clothespin. By holding the end of the clothespin, dip the cotton ball into the white and blue paint and dab it onto the trees. You can remove some of it by dabbing it onto another piece of paper first to make a lighter snow storm or add it thickly onto your trees for a heavier snowfall.

Cotton ball and Clothespin used to create the Snow:

We hope you enjoy this painting demo. If you create these forest snowstorm paintings feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons - We would love to see your painting!

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