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3 Poisonous Plants Pack – An Illustrated Guide to Identifying Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac! Learn to distinguish these rash-inducing plants by mastering ways to identify them, ensuring your outdoor adventures are safe and rash-free. With hand-illustrated ID cards, vibrant posters, journal pages, and descriptive fact pages for plant identification. Find out why these plants induce rashes and discover essential tips for avoiding contact and treating rashes. Hang up the "Leaves of Three" poster in your home or classroom and empower yourself with the knowledge to stay one step ahead in the wild.


Get ready for educational fun and safety in the great outdoors!




3 Poisonous Plants Pack

    • Hand-Illustrated ID Cards: Detailed visuals and descriptions aid in plant identification. Pocket sized for easy use while outside. 
    • Posters for Easy Identification: Hang up vibrant posters with tips for spotting these rash-inducing plants.
    • Interactive Journal: Keep track of encounters and observations, turning each sighting into a learning opportunity.
    • Understanding the Rash: Explore the science behind why these plants cause rashes.
    • Ways to Avoid and Heal: Learn essential tips for prevention and treatment, ensuring safe outdoor adventures. 

    Copyrighted, Acorns and Aprons 2024 - for classroom and home use


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