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Bee Life Cycle: Nature Study unit  is a hand-painted and illustrated 100-page PDF unit. The unit covers the stages of the bee life cycle, including egg, larva, pupa, and adult bee, and includes beautiful illustrations to bring the learning to life. Whether used in a homeschool setting or as a supplement to in-class learning, this unit provides an immersive and interactive way for students to explore the fascinating world of bees and their importance to our ecosystem. Teachers and parents will appreciate the comprehensive and well-researched content, as well as the flexibility to tailor the unit to different age groups and learning styles. With its combination of learning tools and hands-on activities, this Nature Study unit is the perfect resource for fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for bees and their life cycle.


Nature study: 


  • Hand-Painted Bee Life Cycles: hand-painted illustrations depicting the various stages of the bee life cycle.
  • Black and White Life Cycle Posters: colour and decorate your own life cycle posters to visually understand the progression of a bee's life.
  • Nature Journal Cover and Facts sheets. 
  • Bee Waggle Dance Cards: Learn about the fascinating communication method of bees through interactive waggle dance cards.
  • Life Cycle Cards: Explore additional resources and activities to enhance your understanding of bee life cycles.


Bee Life Cycle Board Game:

    • Embark on an exciting journey through the bee life cycle with our printable board game. Move your piece and answer fun facts about each phase of the bee life cycle.

with Multiple Choice Question Cards:

    • Challenge your skills with 40 multiple choice question cards related to bee facts. Study the bee facts sheets, to help answer the questions.

        Blank Cards included:

    • Get creative with blank cards to write your own questions or invent new game rules using the facts cards. Customize your learning experience and explore the world of bees in a unique way.



Digital download file only - to print. All rights reserved ©️Acorns and Aprons. For home or classroom use only. 


Bee life Cycle - Nature Study

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  • Our Bee Life Cycle: Nature Study unit offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of bees, from their early development stages to their vital role in pollination. With a variety of educational components, hands-on activities, and captivating resources, this unit provides a dynamic learning experience for learners of all ages. Dive into the world of bees and discover the wonders of their life cycle with our enriching PDF guide.


    Explore our Bee Life Cycle unit featuring:


    • Hand-Painted Bee Life Cycles
    • Black and White Life Cycle Posters
    • Nature Journal Cover and bee Facts sheets
    • Bee Waggle Dance Cards
    • Life Cycle Cards
    • Fun bee-themed Math 
    • Bee facts Copy-work
    • Bee Life Cycle Board Game with Multiple Choice Question Cards
    • plus, Customize your learning experience with blank cards to invent new game rules or create your own questions. 
    • And more!
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