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This Cottonwood Tree Star digital printable is perfect for those looking to explore the hidden magic in nature!


Come on a story-telling journey and add some magic into your learning and play. Plus, learn how to find a star in the Pith of a cottonwood tree!


Included is a fun story detailing how the cottonwood tree got its star, igniting wonder and imagination, while discovery how everything is connected in nature. Let's welcoming a greater respect and passion for nature with a nature discovery in the forest, stories and crafts.


With this printable, you can create whimsical, Waldorf-inspired star and moon window transparencies with easy to follow picture steps and illustrated cards to print and follow! We also created a simple sewing star craft with illustrated posters, perfect for a first sewing project. Learn to make a pentagon star wands, crown and more!


Bring the magic of the cottonwood tree into your home with this unique digital printable unit. Plus, have fun creating star-inspired crafts! 


Moon phases and zodiac star printables are included!

Cottonwood Tree Star

C$6.00 Regular Price
C$5.00Sale Price
  • This 48 page bundle included:

    • A short cottonwood tree star story - How the cottonwood tree got it's star
    • Cottonwood tree star Posters
    • Learn how to find a star inside of the Pith of a cottonwood twig
    • Cottonwood twig constellation craft idea
    • Star wreath window transparency step-by step tutorial -used as a wreath window display or a moon phases window calendar
    • Moon Phases printable set
    • Felt star sewing crafts - for kids 
    • create a hand-sewn crown, wand and more!

    This is a Digital Download for home and classroom use,  By Acorns and Aprons copyrighted 2023

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