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This comprehensive 68-page Earth Day Pack includes engaging activities such as sorting Earth Day words into recycled bins, flashcards to learn about the three R's (reduce, reuse, and recycle) that your child can read and write, and hand-drawn and collaged templates to create posters, badges, DIY stickers, and more. Additionally, there's an interactive Earth wheel to jot down ways to help our planet, ocean life colouring templates, and a tic-tac-toe game that combine fun and meaning for a memorable Earth Day celebration!

Earth Pack Digital Printable Pack

  • The Earth Day pack not only presents fun illustrations that make it easier to find helpful solutions to the heavy subject of planetary conservation, but it also includes a festive banner and other elements to celebrate this beautiful planet. Let's dive deeper into what we can do to preserve our planet with this unique pack.

    • Earth Day words to sort into recycled bins
    • Write and read flashcards to learn ways to reduce, reuse and recycle
    •  Hand-drawn and collaged Ocean and forest templates to make your own Earth Day posters
    • Earth Badges
    • DIY Earth Day stickers
    • Earth wheel to write ways to help Planet Earth.
    • Ocean life puppets or crafting and paiting templates
    • Earth Day banner
    • Earth tic-tac-toe game

    Hand-drawn and Digitally created by Acorns and Aprons copyright 2023, Earth Day educational pages to print at home. 

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