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This Earthtone Multiplication Bundle has 175 pages of Nature-inspired Math. The Multiplication Square Chart is colour coded with naturetones and each section of the chart has a matching flashcard set to go with the chart, including blank flashcards to fill in the answers. You'll find an oak tree with corresponding matching acorns to put on the tree to help with math questions, both painted and a line art version to colour your own. We included waldorf-inspired multiplication math circles as a visual aid, plus fun nature-themed worksheets. This is a hands-on, visual math learning bundle, complete with forest-themed Math Mats and trees, mushrooms, pinecones, birds and more to use as math aids. Plus, so much more!

Earthtone Multiplication Bundle

  • Hand-illustrated by Acorns and Aprons: 

    • Earthtone-themed Flashcards 1-12
    • Earth tone multiplication square chart
    • Blank Flashcards to fill in the answer
    • Woodland Counting aids
    • Waldorf-inspired multiplication circles
    • Woodland-themed mats cards
    • Wild outdoor learning mats
    • Multiplication worksheets
    • Dice to roll and multiply from 1-12
    • Leaf counting aids
    • Vintage fern prints counting aids
    • Acorn Math cards
    • Hundred Chart

    ...and more!


    Acorns and Aprons copyright 2022, All rights reserved. These are PDF printables for use at home or in a classroom setting only, you may not sell, or share the digital files or printed content. Final Sale item.

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