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Discover the enchantment of gardening by the Moon with a beautiful 2024 Calendar, Mini-Story, Journalling and paper playset. Enjoy whimsical artistry, offering a Garden Moon Guide Calendar synchronized with lunar phases. Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of lunar gardening with an introduction and guide. Plus, enjoy a fun journal cover and blank calendar set to plan and track your garden. This 54 page watercoloured PDF empowers you to nurture your garden in harmony with the moon's rhythms.


Gardening by the Moon

  • What's included;

    2024 moon phase and gardening guide 

    2024 calendar and gardening journal template 

    Gardening by Moon Journal covers  and insert pages

    Gardening by the moon wheel

    Gardening by the moon wheel - blank template

    Cut and play paper moon and garden - for pretend play and crafts 

    Gardening by the moon children’s mini-story 

    Sap and water moon flow tree chart

    Moon phases and planting guide cards

    and more!


    This is a digital download, PDF file to print at home. For home and classroom use only. All rights reserved 2024 copyrighted Materials by Acorns and Aprons


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