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Two bundles in one - Ladybug Word Guide and Ladybug Math (early learning).

195 pages - Perfect for Pre-k up to grade 2/3


ladybug word guide: Dolch Sight words pre-k- to grade 3 in a ladybug colour-coded flashcard set. the flashcards come in a Traceable font and one for reading. Write and read the word, you can also play games with the flashcards. Make learning fun with the ladybug theme. There are also some phonics - word families, vowel blends and more.


Ladybug math is a hands-on way to learn simple math skills for ages 3-7, perfect for early-learning math. The beautifully hand-painted materials will aid with counting, addition and subtraction. Use the Morel and Beet adding and subracting display boxes with the matching cut-out numbers and cute ladybugs to help with counting. You will have everything you need to create a hands-on learning experience. Mix and Match the materials and have fun learning. There is a ladybug counting banner to help set the stage for learning. Plus, number charts, a ladybug boardgame and dominoes set and even ladybug dice templates in this bundle...and more!

Ladybug word guide and math Bundle

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$16.00Sale Price
  • In this PDF printable unit there is 195 pages of hands-on early learning, included;

    Word guide:

    -Ladybug Dolch Word Pre-k to grade 3 flashcards

    -Ladybug Dolch word - traceable words - Pre-k to grade 3

    -Ladybug Vowel Poster

    -Ladybug word family pages

    -Ladybug and snail vowel blends


    -ladybug couting banner

    -math display cards

    -number clip cards

    -4 ladybug dice templates

    -ladybug boardgame

    -ladybug dominoes game

    -additon and subtration number cards 1-10

    -counting ladybug sets 1-12

    -watercolour ladybugs and spots for counting, with numbers you can cut out to help with math.

    -ladybug number poster

    -ladybug 100 charts

    and more!


    By Acorns and Aprons, copyright 2022. All rights reserved. Use for home use or classroom setting only. It is illegal to share or sell the digital or printed version.

    Final sale for this unit.


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