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170 pages in this ladybug word guide. Including, Dolch Sight words pre-k- to grade 3 level. Illustrated in a ladybug colour-coded flashcard set. The flashcards come in a Traceable font to write it out and one for reading. Write and read the word, you can also play games with the flashcards, like memory. Make learning fun with the ladybug theme. There are also some phonics - word families, vowel blends, ABC cards and more.



Ladybug word guide (Dolch sight words)

  • Word guide:

    -Ladybug Dolch Word Pre-k to grade 3 flashcards

    -Ladybug Dolch word - traceable words - Pre-k to grade 3

    -Ladybug Vowel Poster

    -Ladybug word family pages

    -Ladybug and snail vowel blends

    -Ladybug Alphabet card set 

    PDF printable to print at home. All rights reserved, Acorns and Aprons 2023

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