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This 130 page MOON Bundle brings you the moon phases in colourful yellow moons and blue skies, to appeal to young learners! We also have some traditional black and white Moon's that we watercolour painted, for good measure. This hand-illustrated and painted bundle was created to inspire STEAM learning subjects with a MOON theme. Learn about the moon with original artwork. Lift off from the pages and have an exciting learning adventure!



MOON - to the moon and back learning bundle

  • What's inside:

    -Phases of the moon - 8 card set 

    -Phases of the moon - card game set (memory game)

    -Moon dial and wheel

    -Van Gogh Starry night moon dial and poster set 

    -Moon phases craft 

    -Go to the Moon in 42 folds (STEAM experiment)

    -Moon phases copywork and writing pages

    -Luna Moth and Moon journal

    -Matching Games - 4 part card set (Word and Duplicated image)

    -Moon phases banner

    -Moon phases dice

    -A look inside the Moon cutout

    -Lunar Seas - worksheets

    -Lunar crater- worksheets 

    -Moon Math pages (fractions, exponents, numbers, number value etc.)

    -Pattern sorting activity

    -Crafts to cutout create a moon circling around the sun

    -Moon diagrams 

    -Moon and Luna Moth wands

    -Spaceship colouring pages and cutouts

    ..and more! 

    This bundle also includes a Luna Moth and Moon journal pack! With a fun hand-illustrated dream journal to motivate early morning writing. Write down your dreams with this DIY dream journal. Fill it with blank pages or print several of the two journaling page inserts. Cutout the Moon and Luna Moth illustrated templates for crafts. There are fun moon phases and Luna moth bookmarks that can be bracelets too and more!

    This file is for classroom and personal use only. You may not alter, sell or share the file or content. All rights reserved, copyrighted 2023, created by: Acorns and Aprons. 

    This is a Digital PDF file only, downlink link at purchase. 



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