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Rainbow Multiplication is a fun way to learn multiplications, with a colourful rainbow square chart poster and matching flashcards and blank flashcards. There are waldorf-inspired multiplication circles, rainbow and number clouds to create your own math questions and use as counting aids to create hands-on learning. Enjoy rainbow flower worksheets and butterfly group counting. There are 199 pages to explore in this colourful bundle, including our Sierpinski Triangle Pack and some vintage insect prints and posters to use as counters and more!  More pictures coming soon!


Extra: Sierpinski Triangle Nature Pack! This 30 page printable unit combines nature and math to create Sierpinski Triangle inspired nature crafts. It has fractal templates, worksheets and unique and fun nature craft ideas.  This multi-sensory learning unit is a fun way to learn about interesting fracals while playing outside in nature.

Rainbow Multiplicaton Bundle

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$16.00Sale Price
  • 199 pages in this colourful bundle:

    • Rainbow Square chart
    • 1-12 multiplication flashcards
    • 1-12 blank flashcards
    • Multiply 1-12 flower worksheets
    • 1-10 waldorf-inspired multilication circles
    • Rainbow cloud dice - play and multiply
    • Butterfly number sorting
    • Rainbow and Cloud Hands-on Learning
    • Cloud jar for math and number sorting
    • butterfly 100 chart
    • Vintage insects - math aids
    • Sierpinski Triangle Pack
    • ..and more!

    This printable unit is for personal and classroom use only and can not be sold or shared. By Acorns and Aprons, All rights reserved, copyright 2022 

    More images coming soon!

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