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There are three different games and activities in this bunny digital printable pack! Perfect for Spring and Easter. There are two bunny tic-tac-toe games and a fun outdoor bunny scavenger hunt activity, complete with fun affirmation egg cards and mindful nature egg activities. 

Spring Bunny Activities Pack

  • In this hand-painted nature spring bunny PDF printable pack;

    -wooden slices bunny tic-tac-toe

    -carrot and bunny tic-tac-toe

    -bunny finger puppets that can also be cards

    -affirmation eggs

    -craft and nature bunny and egg game

    All art in this bundle was hand-painted or drawn by Acorns and Aprons, copyright 2022. All rights reserved. Use for home use or classroom setting only. It is illegal to share or sell the digital or printed version.

    Final sale for this unit.


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