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In this wild Amanita Muscaria craft bundle you will find various Amanita mushroom inspired crafting and learning activities. We hope that these crafts inspire you to spend time outside in nature. It is designed to get kids interested about wild mushrooms, while teaching them how to easily identify this poisonous mushroom. It is not a field guide but a fun resource full of activities for adults to use with children. We have spent great care in creating these unique and fun Amanita Muscaria crafts. All rights reserved copyrighted 2021

Wild Amanita Muscaria - craft bundle

  • This bundle has over 196 pages of fun Amanita Muscaria activities for ages 3-12.

    Inside the Wild Amanita Muscaria - craft bundle:

    • introductory mushroom anatomy
    • Amanita growth charts
    • Mushroom templates
    • DIY feltmushroom slippers
    • toadstool journals
    • seasonal mushrooms wheel and activity
    • suncatcher journaling templates
    • mushroom felt patches templates
    • mushroom leaf patches templates
    • leaf and recycled paper roll bracelet activity
    • toadstool cards
    • toadstool carboard and nature hat craft
    • recycled mushroom and nature craft
    • nature basket templates and craft
    • Amanita Muscaria leaf collage craft and templates
    • rainbow mushrooms ID fan
    • rainbow mushroom crafts
    • ..and more!
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