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This nature journaling unit is a unique PDF printable pack to help record what children observe in nature. The helpful guided inserts will make recording easy and fun! It has back and front watercoloured-painted cover pages to choose from and mini-booklets and more! It's called a LOG or LOGBOOK so that we eliminate any preconceptions towards journaling and make your logbook into something exciting! Choose from the many page inserts, mix and match and make the perfect nature logbook that suits your needs. There's natual connections inserts that are diagrams to help with journaling as well as prompted insert pages, with many nature topics include; butterfly log, nature log, mushroom log,  a dream log and more! Plus many phenology wheels to choose from, nature colour charts,  moon phases diagrams and an earth day wheel and worksheet. There are over 100 pages in this bundle, all hand drawn and painted by Acorns and Aprons. We also included an EXTRA section, to add a few more special items just for you - with matching bookmarks, DIY stickers, mini-mushroom booklets and a forest tic-tac-toe game!

Wild Logbook - nature journaling bundle

  • Over 100 pages of digial nature DIY nature journaling,

    -watercolour painted front and back covers

    - mini journals

    -mini-mushroom journals

    -forest and nature theme nature log page inserts (example, snail log page, mushroom log, nature log, butterfly log, leaf log, tree log etc)

    -moon phases chart - blank to write on

    -dream log

    -cloud log

    -colour wheels

    -phenology charts (weekly, monthly, yearly)

    -butterfly sketching page inserts

    -forest tic-tac-toe

    -natural connections diagram journaling inserts

    -diy stickers 

    -nature bookmarks

    and more!


    All hand drawn and painted by Acorns and Aprons copyright 2022

    All rights reserved. These are PDF printables for use at home or in a classroom setting only, you may not sell, or share the digital files or printed content. Final Sale item.

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