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There are 160 pages of Northern facts and fun in this PDF printable pack. Our hand drawn and painted visual projects are a good way to solidify an educational lesson and create hands on learning. Learn about the northern Lights while spinning homemade penny spinners, creating 3D landscapes or lighting up your northern lights lanterns. Learn about some of the Arctic animals, how they adapt to their environment and then reenact what you learned with animal crowns, finger-puppets and various other art-inspired activities, maps, report writing pages and more. This multi-age bundle -  it has younger children learning along side older ones with activities for each age level (ages 3-12). The Photos show most of the bundle..but not all!

Wild North Printable Bundle

  • There are 160 pages in this Wild North Printable Bundle;

    1. Arctic and Tundra facts
    2. Northern lights activities and worksheets
    3. World Maps 
    4. Continents puzzle and worksheet
    5. Hemisphere map 
    6. Arctic animals
    7. Paper Arctic Animal finger puppets
    8. Arctic Animal crowns and puppets
    9. Polar bear ABC
    10. Snowy owl 1-10
    11. Global warming and ice melt
    12. How to draw a polar bear
    13. Magnetic North pole
    14. Yeti pinecone craft templates
    15. Arctic animal Anatomy worksheets
    16. Arctic Animals that change colour
    17. Northern lights  penny spinner templates
    18. Northern lights lanterns - templates
    19. Suncatcher templates
    20. 3D diorama mountain ranges - big and small
    21. ..and more!!!

    See thumbnail images to view most of the printables in this bundle.

    All of the images were hand drawn or painted by Acorns and Aprons. Copyright 2022.  For personal use only, or within a classroom setting. You may not alter or sell the files or digital printables. All rights reserved. 


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