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Embark on an exciting outdoor adventure and uncover the secrets of winter weather predictions with our 'Woolly Bear Caterpillar Exploration Set.' Nature enthusiasts of all ages can now indulge in the fascinating world of these remarkable caterpillars, renowned for their mystical winter forecasting abilities. Discover how the colours and patterns of the woolly bear caterpillar can help you gauge the severity of the upcoming winter. Join us on a nature walk and get ready to observe, learn, and predict!


EXTENDED VERSION: This PDF includes a needle felting woolly bear caterpillar tutorial and hand-illustrated crafting templates!

Woolly Bear Caterpillar Folklore EXTENDED SET with CRAFT

  • What's included:

    •  2 Woolly bear caterpillar winter prediction folklore Posters
    • 6 Woolly bear caterpillar winter prediction folklorematching cards
    • 1 smaller post and copywork poster
    • A tutorial on HOW TO NEEDLE FELT a bendable woolly bear caterpillar
    • 4 illustrated Woolly caterpillar prediction artwork templates to colour and add to DIY crowns, bookmarks and more! 

    These printables are for home and classroom use only. Copyright Acorns and Aprons 2023. These are all hand-illustrated and water-colour painted by Acorns and Aprons.

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