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This apple star stamp is a fast way to create an inexpensive craft, grab an apple from your kitchen or pick it from a tree. Don’t let the convenience fool you into thinking it’s too easy to be a tool for creativity. Sometimes the simplest things are the most delightful. We love how vibrant the colours turned out and how unique each apple stamp is. Some are faded and others slick. It can be a bit tricky to get the perfect print, so don’t aim for perfection. You can pick out your favourites after you go crazy stamping a bunch of apple prints out.

Creativity is endless as you pick what colours to work with. Choose any coloured paper and paint that suits your creative mood. Combining the apple print with other stamps adds further creativity to your project. Hunt down different stamps to work with or make your own. We used a homemade tree stamp made from wood with the apple star to create a star on top of a tree, or a leaf on a red beet depending which way you look at it. Making cool gift wrapping paper that can be a different design depending on which way you are looking at it!


  1. Washable paint or Acrylic Paint (depending on your child’s age and ability).

  2. An Apple (or a few apples to test out).

  3. Long White Paper - to make gift wrapping printed paper.

  4. Card Stock - various colours - to make homemade cards

You can cut the card stock paper into cards and fold them ahead of time but we cut out the prints we liked afterwards so we could pick and choose.

Each card we made from the apple star printed paper is unique for each special person we gift them to.

Play around with different colours. When you add more paint you will get a solid, bright colour but if you use the stamp a few times before reapplying the paint, the paint will look faded and faint. We like both effects!

Wrapping paper that looks like beets on one side and trees with stars from the other angle.

Apple star stamp instruction:

1. Cut the apple in the exact middle. If it’s not exactly you won’t get a good a star. Don’t cut down toward the stem, cut along the middle skin part of the apple.

2. Put paint or ink on the flesh white part of the apple where the star is, rolling the paint on with a roller or painting it on gets a better more even effect.

3. Press the apple onto a piece of paper like you would a stamp, press straight down and back up.

There are all sorts of stories that can be told while creating this craft. Some have been written already about the star in the apple but try making up your own! How did the star get into the apple? It’s a fun imaginative narrative waiting to be told. Kids are always amazed to find a star in an apple, so build it up a bit prior to cutting it open and make sure they are there when you cut open the apple to reveal the surprising star!

Black paint on red card stock

We hope you have a great time being creative!


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