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Unleashing Creativity: Snowstorm Forest Painting Tutorial for Kids! Free PDF Printable Tutorial mini-booklet below.

Embarking on an artistic journey with children is not just about creating beautiful images; it's about nurturing essential skills that will last a lifetime. In this blog post, we'll explore an enchanting snowstorm forest painting that serves as an engaging lesson in perspective and depth for young artists. By delving into fundamental drawing techniques such as playing with shades of colour, mastering strategic placement, and understanding sizing dynamics, children can unlock the secrets to crafting captivating landscapes.

Thus painting tutorial demonstrates how lighter hues gracefully recede into the distance while bold black trees stand sentinel in the foreground, beckoning viewers into a winter wonderland. The magic doesn't end there – these techniques seamlessly extend to mountains and other outdoor scenes, offering a versatile toolkit for budding artists. Join us as we dive into the realm of imagination and guide young creators on a journey to bring depth and perspective to their artistic expressions.

Snowstorm painting by Acorns and Aprons 2020

Use different shades of black and grey and different sized trees to create a forest landscape perspective:

Snow storm tree painting by Charlotte age 6


1. Acrylic Paint or Washable Children's paint

Colors: black, white, and blue

2. Thick Paper like watercolor paper

3. Paint brushes

4. Cotton balls

5. Clothespin

6. Painter's Palette (or a lid)


1. Begin by creating a light grey color by blending white and black paint. Start with the lighter trees, placing them in the upper section of the painting. Form each tree by drawing a trunk line and adding a few branches extending outward.

2. Proceed to the next set of trees, this time mixing more black into the paint to achieve a slightly darker shade of grey. Paint these trees a bit lower on the canvas than the first set, indicating they are closer in perspective and slightly larger. Use a thicker brushstroke for each tree trunk and add branches, as done with the lighter trees.

3. Paint the final set of trees using black paint. Make them slightly larger than the middle trees, and extend the trunk so that it reaches further down the page. Consider making it the full length of the page for added impact. Refer to the provided photos for guidance on layering the trees to create a sense of perspective.

4. Once the trees have dried, move on to painting the snow. On the palette, combine white and blue paint, allowing them to overlap without fully mixing. Take a cotton ball and secure it with a clothespin, holding the clothespin's end. Dip the cotton ball into the white and blue paint and gently dab it onto the trees. Control the intensity of the snow by dabbing it on another piece of paper first for a lighter snowstorm or applying it more heavily for a denser snowfall on the trees.

Cotton ball and Clothespin used to create the Snow:

Enjoy this Free PDF printable Mini-booklet to print and follow along the steps, screen-free:

Winter forest Snowstorm Acorns and Aprons
Download PDF • 23.56MB

We hope you enjoy this painting demo. If you create this forest snowstorm painting feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons - We would love to see your painting!


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