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How adorable are these bunny paper chains?

They are super easy to make but loads of fun, plus you can add your own create flair by making it as long as you’d like, or as many colours as you wish! You could certainly make your own design and just use ours as inspiration! Any design can be made into a paper chain, so get creative. I know we’ll be making a bunch more Soon. Come Join in on the Fun!

Paper chains are a great way to decorate for spring and Easter.

We came up with a simple bunny silhouette that has a cutout heart. Our free bunny template will make crafting easy, just print it and cut it out into a traceable stencil. You can glue the bunny template to thick paper like cardboard or cardstock before cutting it out, so that you can make thicker edges to use as a stencil for kids of all ages.

If you don’t have long enough paper or would like to add different colours, use the printable template multiple times onto different coloured paper, then attach them with glue or tape.

Make them as long as you’d like! Stretch them across an entire room or just decorate a window or table.


  1. Paper, multiple colours work well, we used cardstock paper.

  2. A pencil

  3. Free printable template, or design your own Bunny!

  4. Scissors

  5. Tape or glue (if desired)


Step 1: Fold the paper like a fan, making sure it’s the same width as the design you want (See photos for example), To create a fan, fold part of the paper at one end then flip it over and fold it again, then flip and fold again, keep doing this until the paper is all folded. Cut any excess paper.

Step 2: Draw your image onto the front of the paper fold. We have two printable sized templates to choose from, or design your own.

To print out our free printable; click under printables on our main menu and scroll down to printables for blog, and find the bunny printable above to download and print. Feel free to change the size.

Your folded paper should look like this with your image on it. The flat part of the nose is at one end of the paper edge and the tail is at the other edge along the fold.

Step 3: Cut out your design, making sure you cut along every fold piece of paper at the same time by keeping the paper folded and flat while cutting it.

Step 4: If you don’t have long paper, tape or glue the bunny tails together to make a longer paper chain banner. Alternating colours is a fun way to add colour to your decorative paper bunny chain.

Hang them over a window or somewhere special to decorate at Easter or use them in a photoshoot! You can also use them in Math and counting games.

Make them any colour or size you want!

We hope you enjoy making these adorable paper bunny chains. If you make our design feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons and we might feature your creation as a story!


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