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Burnt wood is a discarded, unseen crafting material. However when we looked into our fire pit and saw the black charcoal wooden remnants, we couldn’t help but see a night sky waiting to be painted! Grab your acrylic paints and have fun painting outside, splatter style! Then add a clear glaze coat to seal it in! These are fun works of art to display in an outdoor tree Fort!


1. Burnt wood (cold left over black wood from a fire pit.)

2. Acrylic paints - purple, white, yellow and blue

3. Large paint brush that would be great for splatter painting.

4. Water container for cleaning the brushes


1. Place your Burnt wood on a surface that you want to paint on, it will be messy so put down paper underneath, if desired!

2. First paint a few areas directly with your paint brush, deep purple, blue or yellow. Get creative and think of a Milky Way or a galaxy.

3. Add specks of paint to your artwork, by adding the paint to your brush and flicking the brush with your wrist so it splatters onto the burnt wood. You can also use your finger to flick it on.

4. When you painting has dried and you are happy with it, apply a clear coat of glaze, either a matter finish or glossy! You can even add a clear coat of Mod Podge glue because that will also seal the charcoal, so it won’t get onto your hands and add a nice finishing coat.

Make as many as you want get creative! We love finding wood that looks cool too, so that’s part of the fun! Have a nice campfire and collect some of the wooden burnt pieces the next day! finding some half burnt ones is also a nice find and look gorgeous!

We hope you have fun painting this process Art - Burnt wood Galaxy!


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