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These elegant Suncatcher eggs are the perfect spring and Easter decoration to brighten up your window and house. Kids craft often have a lifespan of a day because they serve no function or don’t fit into your decor. but these are truly an art piece that could be hung up in any window all spring and summer, they remind me of stain glass but with an elegant touch from the lace. You could even hang them up in a child’s bedroom year round!

Why just make cardboard and tissue paper Suncatchers when you can add a little lace to it too??

They are stunning and simple to make. We have made it easy for you to copy our exact Acorns and Aprons Original Artwork by including a free printable that you can make into a stencil. Simply cut it out and trace the outline onto your cardboard egg.

We used recycled cardboard from a box you’d get at a grocery store. We used the thicker boxes but a cereal box will work too. The lace we used is up-cycled from old lace drapes that had a hole in them. If you have an old lace dress, drapes, table cloth, shirt, or fabric that you want to reuse before buying new, that will make this craft even easier.


  1. Cardboard (from a recycled medium sized box).

  2. Coloured tissue paper.

  3. Clear Glue - we used Modge Podge (A paint brush to apply the glue, if needed).

  4. Reused Lace (from used fabric like old drapes or an old lace shirt).

  5. An xacto knife or knife (An adult need to cut the stencil).

Create your own design or use our free template under the main menu, click on printables. Then download and print out the printable below to create the bunny and snowdrop flowers. Cut them out and use them as stencils.

Feel free to also use the printable in whatever other craft you think of!

Change the snowdrop slightly when drawing it on, to create a slightly opened flower Like the photo below.


  1. Cut egg shapes out of cardboard, creating different sizes are fun!

  2. Cut the design you want out of the cardboard using an xacto knife, a knife or scissor. Use caution for this step and an adult should be the one cutting the design. Use our free printable to make our bunnies and snowdrop silhouette.

  3. Glue coloured tissue paper onto the back side by placing glue around the silhouette onto cardboard then place the tissue paper onto the cardboard and press down. Don‘t put the glue onto the tissue paper first or it could rip.

  4. Allow it to dry and then turn over your cardboard cutout.

  5. Put glue over all of the cardboard (not the tissue paper).

  6. Place the Lace that you roughly cut out bigger than the cardboard egg onto the cardboard and press down.

  7. Allow the glue to dry.

  8. Cut the excess lace that hangs over the edge of the cardboard egg.

  9. Done, hang it in a window!

If you don’t want to add the lace, this is what it looks like. It is beautiful with or without lace!

Before the lace was glued on

If you want to paint the cardboard before applying the lace, that would look nice as well! We wanted to keep it simple so we decided not to use any paint this time.

When the sun isn’t hitting the Suncatcher, you can’t view the image easily! so it’s like a secret message that you can see only when the sun hits it.

Check out the backside of the tissue paper glued onto the cardboard. Cut a square or circular piece of tissue paper and glue it onto the cardboard.

If it’s nice and sunny outside, you can display them in a tree or hang them off of string using clothespins to decorate your outside area for a spring birthday or at Easter!

We hope you have fun creating this colourful spring craft! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons if you create this craft or use our free printable. We would love to see your creations! We may also feature it as a story!

Happy Crafting!!


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