We’ve been having fun creating homemade star wreaths and we wanted to share some neat ways to make stars to put on any handmade wreath or Christmas tree.

You can make a wreath and a star out of all sorts of materials. We chose to make our wreaths out of some coniferous tree branches that had fallen in the bush and were laying on the ground. Gather materials in nature that would go well in a wreath.

The stars were made from fabric, paper, twigs, felt, yarn and cinnamon sticks. We can keep the stars afterwards and turn them into a new craft project, like a star mobile!

Our backyard chicken Daisy is examining one of the wreaths. We agree Daisy, it does need cinnamon stick stars!

We came up with a simple way to make cinnamon stick stars that we haven’t seen on other blogs. Our easy method is simple enough for kids and doesn’t use any glue! It was important to us to create an edible cinnamon stick star, so that it can still be used as a spice. We love that we can make these nice smelling stars but still be able to use them in recipes afterwards.

Easy Cinnamon Stick Stars:


  1. Thin string, wire or clear thread (like fishing line).

  2. 5 cinnamon sticks.

  3. Hemp cord, string or yarn.


  1. With a thin piece of string, wire or clear rigid thread put the string through each of the 5 cinnamon sticks and tie a knot.

  2. Make a pentagon shape.

  3. Fold in half - right side over left side.

  4. Fold in half - bottom up.

  5. Tie the one stick onto the two below with hemp cord or yarn.

It’s like the holes are meant to be strung.

A slight variation with similar results:

How to make fabric or paper stars using a pentagon shape:

  1. Cut out two pentagon shapes in whatever colour you’d like.

  2. Place one on top of the other and either sew them together along the edge or glue them together (if you are using paper).

  3. Fold one point in a bit - half way along both straight sides. Secure it by sewing along the entire triangle - or glue it on.

  4. Fold the next point in that same way and secure it on.

  5. Keep folding all five points like the images below and glue it down or sew it.

  6. You will have a beautiful star pentagon!

  7. Pin the star onto a wreath.

Wrap a paper star with yarn:


  1. Thick paper like card stock or cardboard

  2. Any colour of yarn

  3. Hole puncher


  1. Cut out a star shape, use a star cookie cutter to trace it if needed.

  2. Punch a hole at the top to tie it later onto the wreath.

  3. Cut a long piece of yarn, two different colours if you want it multi-coloured.

  4. Tie the yarn to the star through the hole.

  5. Wrap the yarn around every which way until you like it, wrapping it around the side and top to bottom, randomly.

  6. Tie a knot to secure it on.