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Since it was cloudy outside, it was the perfect day to learn about clouds!

We made a variety of clouds using white wild cherry and Saskatoon berry blossoms. We also made the 8 common clouds by putting cotton batting onto felt. If you use felt, you do not need to glue the cotton balls or cotton batting, it will just stick. That way you can reuse all of the materials again.

We went on a little walk and looked up at the sky to check out the clouds. We noticed more than just clouds and saw some cool birds, including a huge Eagle.

The 10 major clouds:

  1. cirrocumulus

  2. cirrus

  3. cirrostratus

  4. altostratus

  5. altocumulus

  6. nimbostratus

  7. stratus

  8. stratocumulus

  9. cumulus

  10. cumulonimbus

Felt clouds - materials :

  1. Blue felt sheet

  2. Cotton balls or cotton batting

This easy learning craft requires no glue, because the cotton sticks to the felt.

- Place the clouds wherever you want on the blue felt. Making small and big ones, We made the 8 common types of clouds.

This is a great learning activity for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school aged children.

It is fun and easy to set up and put away, our two year old loved ripping the cotton and putting it onto the felt. Our six year old made the clouds more accurate and had fun naming each one,

Don’t forget to look up at the sky, and make this when it is cloudy outside! You can even create this cloud craft outside and try to replicate real clouds you see in the sky.

Here’s some you can use as a reference.

Flower CLOUDS - Material:

  1. White flowers ( white dandelions or fruit tree blossoms).

  2. Small Wooden squares, small canvas or square cardboard cutout

  3. Glue

  4. Pencil

Pressed-Dried flowers are best because they won’t brown, but my daughter really wanted to use fresh ones, and I don’t blame her! Working with fresh flowers really is wonderful and it adds to the fluffiness of the clouds. You don’t have to glue them down, if you just want to create the clouds and then wreck it, that’s fun too. We wanted to glue it down onto wooden squares so that we could hang it up afterwards as an art piece.

Use the pedals, flower buds and whole flowers to replicate the shape of each kind of cloud. Get creative and expressive with your nature cloud art piece.

Label the different clouds with a pencil or pen after glueing on the flowers.

You can also glue the dried or fresh pedals directly onto a blue piece of paper.

We hope you have fun making clouds in flowers found in nature or using the reusable felt and cotton balls to create the clouds.

Don’t forget to look up at the sky and try to identify real clouds. What shapes do you see?

Feel free to tag @acorns.and.aprons on Instagram and we may feature your beautiful cloud creations!


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