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On this blog post you’ll find 4 interesting light up constellation projects. 3 of These are fun learning crafts to do with children, the other one is a craft that is created by an adult. Add them to a dedicated galaxy workstation, or to a space-themed bedroom. Create a night sky atmosphere in any room.

Interesting Light Displays makes learning more fun. To achieve this we used light tables, LED battery operated lights, flashlights and plug-in Christmas lights. Do not use any lights that may overheat or candles and flames of any kind,

Free Constellation Printables can be found on our printables page under the main menu. Download and print them to help get your project started. We created 6 constellations to choose from. It’s enough to do any of these projects and get you started. Once you created these common constellations, create more on your own.

5 Constellation craft projects:

#1 Constellation viewers:


  1. Paper - Card stock or construction paper

  2. Pushpin or hole puncher

  3. White or silver marker or chalk

  4. Black marker

  5. Popsicle sticks

  6. Glue stick

  7. Scissors


  1. Draw circles onto black paper. If you want, make little squares attached to the circle at one end To glow the popsicle stick onto so that it doesn’t interfere with the constellation.

  2. Cut all of the shapes out. Make sure to draw one for each constellation you plan on making.

  3. Draw the dots of the stars onto each piece of paper.

  4. Use a pushpin and make a hole where the stars are.

  5. Glue the square end to the popsicle stick.

  6. Go over the dots one more time with a white or silver marker, pencil crayon or chalk, then connect the dots to create a line that connects the constellations.

  7. Write out the names onto the popsicle sticks.

You can also use our constellation printables and simply cut them out and glue them onto a popsicle stick, then create holes in the stars with a pushpin. Write the name of the constellation on each popsicle stick.

FREE Printable by Acorns and Aprons 2021 - go to ‘Printables’

#2 Paper Constellations used with a light table:

Make you own constellation cards by drawing out each constellation onto a piece of black paper, then use a push pin to create the holes. Draw onto the paper with white pencil crayon or chalk to connect the dots.. Write each name on the top.


  1. Black or dark paper

  2. Black marker

  3. white pencil crayon or chalk

  4. A pushpin or hole puncher

#3 Constellation Box - mini planetarium:


  1. recycled small box, like a tea box.

  2. a pushpin

  3. free printable or pencil

  4. tape or glue

  5. battery operated tea light or LED lights.

We created a more in-depth blog posting about this constellation box craft in another blog post, called Constellation box. Where we painted the box the colours of a galaxy. See that post for further details.

For this simpler version, all you need to do is print out our constellation printable, cut them out and glue one on each side of the box. Then use a pushpin and create holes where the stars are. Put a battery operated tea light on the inside. It’s that easy!

You can also draw your own constellations onto the box and then created the pinholes, we taped a white piece of paper onto a black box and drew on the constellations. We then used a metal skewer to make the holes, so that they were a bit bigger.

See photos for more details:

#4 Constellation light up wall art

This Art project is to create for a kids bedroom or learning area. It is made by an adult since it requires power tool. The pictures are self explanatory so we won’t get into too much detail. You can create it like we did, putting the small Christmas light bulbs directly through the drilled holes, or just attach a light to the back frame, preferably LED lights that don’t heat up.


  1. A wood canvas

  2. A hand-held power drill.

  3. A pencil

  4. Free printable as a reference

  5. Small Christmas lights

1. Draw or trace on each constellation that you want to create.

2. Drill a hole into each star.

3. Add lights to the holes or attach an LED light to the back Frame. 4. light it up!

See picture for visual Instructions

Place it next to a workstation or in your child’s bedroom.

We hope you have fun creating these constellation learning crafts. Feel free to tag us on instagram @acorns.and.aprons if you create one of these crafts, and we’ll feature it as a story.


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