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Pretend Play is a great way to enhance creativity and imagination. These masks aren’t only a fun craft to create but also a fun way to explore the inner child and imaginative mind. Practice fine motor skills as you piece together the colourful design of your craft by adding cutout pieces of tissue paper for a playful fur-like look. Add any colours you’d like and bring your animal friend to life with a creative colour theme. Use our free printable template or draw your own fox mask.

For younger preschool children, glue the tissue paper flat onto the paper mask creating a vibrant, colourful fox mask. School aged children can create a 3D tissue paper look by forming the tissue paper outward with the help from a pencil. On this blog you’ll find all the steps you need to create this playful heart fox mask. Create these during Valentine’s Day or anytime of year. The foxes we created have a heart design to them, so they are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The fox also has a variety of shapes in it for further learning purposes.

We decided to make our Foxes with orange, red, pink, silver and gold tissue paper. You can use any colours you’d like. Make your fox realistic by adding white and black to the orange, or create a colourful rainbow fox. The possibilities are endless.


  1. coloured tissue paper

  2. scissors

  3. fox printable template or a marker and paper to draw your own

  4. cardstock or cardboard

  5. white school glue

  6. lid or container for glue

  7. elastic cord

  8. stapler or hole puncher - to secure the elastic onto the mask

Whimsical FOX mask for all ages.

Create this craft over a few days, or create it in a crafting morning or afternoon. We did a different colour each day over a few days, We liked to break it up so that we weren’t doing repetitive motions of glueing the tissue paper for too long. Decide what works best for you and take breaks when needed. It isn’t an overly complicated craft but your wrist or hand may get tired.


1. Cut out small square or circular pieces of tissue paper.

2. Use our fox template printout or draw your own fox mask. Print it out onto thick paper or print it and glue it onto cardboard or card stock (for stability).

3. Glue the tissue paper onto the fox Outline, with any colour you choose. Do this by using the flat end of the pencil and wrap the tissue paper around the pencil, then dip the tissue paper into the glue and place the tissue paper glue side down onto the fox mask.. Shape it with the pencil as you push down to stick the tissue paper onto the mask, then lift the pencil up and out. See the photos for demo.

4. Cut out the mask shape after glueing (like us) or cut it out before gluing.

5. Measure a piece of elastic (used for sewing) by wrapping it around the head and stop at the front of the ears.

6. Cut the elastic to size.

7. Staple the elastic onto the mask (sharp park facing outward and smooth on the inside) OR hole punch a hole and tie a knot but allow more elastic than as described to have enough to tie into the mask. 8. Play dress up and have fun with your new fox mask!

FREE FOX Heart MASK Printable:

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Template #1, by Acorns and Aprons 2021
Template #2, by Acorns and Aprons 2021

We hope that you have fun creating this Fox Heart Mask. To keep up to date with our crafts follow us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons. Feel free to tag us if you create this craft and we’ll feature it as a story.


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