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This haunted house ghost craft is inspired by a haunted house poem and Autumn time. Foraging outside in the forest was the activity we did prior to creating the craft. Using readily available materials is environmentally friendly and creates a connection between nature and its natural resources. The leaves and berries are biodegradable, making them an ideal crafting material.

Materials needed for this haunted house craft:

black paper grey paper


snowberries or other material for eyes like wood beads or paper



white paint

Steps: (see photos below)

  1. gather leaves (various sizes and any kind).

  2. paint the leaves white and let it dry, they will curl as they dry.

  3. gather snow berries for eyes (if you use other materials, ignore this step).

  4. draw an outline of a house onto gray or black paper and cut it out. Then, cut out the doors and windows.

  5. glue on the ghost eyes (we used snowberries, but buttons, seeds, or beans would be a good alternative).

  6. place the house where you want it onto a black sheet of later, glue it on.

  7. place the leaves where you want them and glue them on, careful not to glue the tips that curl up.

  8. hang somewhere nice to decorate for Halloween.

If desired, write a haunted house poem to go with the artwork:

Common snowberries are everywhere right now in our yard and region. We think it was a good idea to teach our children about the dangers of snowberries when ingested. If you feel that your child might be tempted to put them in their mouth, do not use them in a craft and instead use seeds, buttons or other materials. Snowberries are toxic but you need to eat several to experience the toxic effects. They are safe to handle, and have a unique and beautiful quality which are an interesting material to use for a creative craft.


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