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Create this fun clover craft using kite paper to decorate your window or create a fun clover wand to play with outdoors!

Kite paper is a translucent paper that shines light through it in magical ways. We created a clover folding pattern so that the geometric pattern would shine through the fold lines, creating an interesting design.

You will need 6 pieces of square kite paper. We used 1.5 pieces and cut them into 6 pieces by folding it in half and fourths. You can create smaller or larger clovers and have fun mixing shades of green.

We taped one clover to a wooden stick and made a wand.

Add a bit of glue from a glue stick and glue it directly onto a window (it will wash off easily), or use clear tape to stick it to your window to create a magical window display. You can add a rainbow star (Link tutorial below) for St. Patrick’s day.

Decorate and play!

FREE PDF printable cards available below to download, print and cut into step by step cards. Easy for kids to follow, without looking at a screen.

If you make this craft and want to share, tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons

Free Printable PDF of the steps:

Clover Kite Paper Tutorial - Acorns and Aprons
Download PDF • 16.69MB


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