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Create this fun Tulip Puppet, and play with it outside in the sun. The translucent paper will shimmer and shine while you play. You can put them onto sticks and place the sticks into dirt, to create a fun play garden. Play 'find the tulips' and hide them in the forest and more!

Create as many as you'd like and have fun creating and playing with this tulip garden craft. You can also add these tulips to your window, as a window display, just tape them on using clear tape.

Below is a printable PDF tutorial to turn the steps into a printable mini-booklet or card set.


If you create this fun spring Tulip Puppet, feel free to share your creations on instagram and tag us @acorns.and.aprons ! You can also find us on Facebook at Acorns and Aprons.

Download PDF tutorial here:

Tulip Kite Paper Puppet - Acorns and Aprons
Download PDF • 15.98MB


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