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This Dragonfly craft is all about ones own Creativity, each one is unique depending on what materials you forage. We like creating Crafts from Nature because it is low cost and you have an excuse to get outside and explore, collecting things along the way. It’s also environmental friendly using biodegrade materials.

The first thing you’ll need to find is some Maple Seed Pods and things or sticks. I like to search for slightly bend sticks to give it that Dragonfly feel.

Prepare the sticks and seed pods before decorating, by glueing them together using white glitter glow or something similar. Allow time to dry. You can place two seed pods onto the sticks however you like, we chose to put one upside down and the other under it in the opposite direction.

After the wings have dried into the body it’s time to decorate. This is the fun part! We used varies leaves and flower petals, some of the leaves were dried prior. Place the petals on whole or crumble or cut the foliage to create natural glitter or ‘fairy dust’.

Mount onto a cut branch, driftwood or a rock. Whatever you find and like. You can add a pebble for a head or acorn top, be creative and have fun!

If you aren’t convinced that natural glitter and petal decoration is your thing. You can now buy store bought Biodegradable Glitter online and in stores. Here’s an example of the glitter we found:

Happy Crafting! 🌲


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