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Luna Moth Finger puppet - made with Recycled boxes and nature materials found in our own backyard garden and yard - or on the forest floor.

This fun craft uses materials that you have at home, so it’s easy to setup and perfect for spring and summer when the flowers are blooming! You can use dried or fresh flowers to make the perfect decorations on the finger puppets.

Stick them onto you finger and play with them outside in nature, or put on a puppet show. Hours of fun to be had with this beautiful homemade toy craft.

You can make these outside after collecting your natural materials.


  1. Recycled box, like a cereal box

  2. Luna Moth Template, if needed (freebie)

  3. Paint - Acrylic

  4. Paintbrushes

  5. Scissors

  6. Glue - clear school glue or Mod Podge

  7. Nature embellishments (flowers, grass, pinecones, leaves etc..)


  1. Draw or Trace the Luna moth onto cardboard. You can use the Luna Moth templates below to trace the silhouette onto!

  2. Cut out the Luna moth using a thin cardboard box.

  3. Cut out your Luna Moth outline and paint it green, add dots and lines, if desired.

  4. Glue on flowers, leaves, grass and other nature finds to the Luna Moth cardboard cutout.

- We added a thin stick prior to painting it, along the top edge.

5. Attach a cardboard cylinder finger ring onto the back of your Luna Moth using the same thin cardboard. You can measure out your finger by wrapping a piece of cardboard around it, then glue it together. Attach the finger piece to the Luna Moth using glue, allow it to dry.

We added long grasses for the bottom wings, and flower stems for the antennas!

Here’s a few that the kids made:

You can add a pinecone for the body:

Add wildflowers to decorate your Luna Moth:

Have Fun, and get creative!

You can add holes to your Luna Moth and add the flowers on a nature walk by sticking the flower stem into the holes!

Use them as finger kits and fly them around!

Free Templates to help with your crafting. Download the image you like and Print it out and trace it onto the cardboard to create your Luna Moth shape.

Luna Moth Print Templates
Download PDF • 3.32MB

We hope that you have fun creating this Nature-inspired Luna Moth craft! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons and we will share you creation to our stories!


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