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These are like Phenology wheels but they aren’t for journaling set days. They are an artist nature journal. This Nature wheel is meant for identification of wildlife, like backyard birds you see while birdwatching. They are a wonderful way to record what you observe in nature. You can record any wild animal, plants, and wild mushrooms that you find. Make as many as you’d like. They can be used for both observing and recording things you see in nature, or for educational purposes, like drawing what you are learning about from field guide books.

When your nature wheel is complete, you can add a peekaboo window to switch the image you view each day to show the bird you saw that day - or the wildlife you want to learn about. Create the images by using any colouring material you want, we used pencil and watercolour paints!

FREE Printables; Go to the main menu on our website and click ‘printables’. Scroll down to find these Nature Wheel printable learning pages to download for free. Use them as worksheets and references. All rights are reserved, by © Acorns and Aprons 2021. Print for learning and crafting materials only.


1. Print out our blank Nature Wheel and use it to draw your birds or nature themed items onto the wheel. If you wish to use watercolour paper you can trace out the printable with pencil onto watercolour paper.

2. Draw out the backyard birds you are studying and either paint them with watercolour paints like ours or colour them with coloured pencil crayons or markers.

3. When you are finished cut your circle out.

4. Cut out a piece of coloured cardstock to use as the peekaboo window picture dial. Use the printable as a template and cut it out the exact same way but cut on of the pie slices out to the middle circle.

5. Place both paper circle cutouts togther and punch a small hole into the middle using a pushpin or pin. .

6. Add a paper fastener to the middle hole.

See photos for further demonstration:

How to use the nature wheel:

1. Bird study: Turn the dial to view the bird you are studying.

2. Birdwatching: Use the window to change the image to the bird you saw that day.

Draw in the designated pie slice area any type of wild bird you want to observe and record or learn about, its best to use guide books as reference but we also provided a couple of wild bird images to help you draw your birds. Including the watercolour nature wheel that we made.

We hope you have fun learning, observing and recording wildlife and plants in your area. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons if you create this birdwatching nature wheel, we might feature your craft as a story!


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