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This rainbow magic trick craft will have your child amazed when the rainbow magically appears. This is a fun way to teach colours with a little bit of science. The water soluble markers bleed and the absorption of the paper towel allows it to soak though it, creating a colourful image. The top image is created using permanent marker and therefore is impenetrable to the water, creating a cool effect with the washable markers when the paper towel is placed into water.


1. Black permanent marker

2. washable markers - every colour of the rainbow

3. two sheets of paper towel attached together.

4. a baking sheet or pan

5. water


  1. using two paper towels stuck together - fold the paper towel in half at the perforated line.

  2. draw your rainbow design outline with black permanent marker on the front half.

  3. you should be able to see the marker on the other piece under it, but if not retrace it onto the second piece of paper so that you know where to apply the colour. You can fold the paper towel backwards and under to see the image and trace it.

  4. on the folded inside part of the paper towel colour the rainbow drawing with washable marker.

  5. When you are finishing colouring, close it back up so that it appears like nothing is coloured in and there’s only a line drawing.

  6. get a large cooking sheet, pan or plate and fill the bottom with a little bit of water (enough water to cover the bottom).

  7. Place the folded paper towel - drawing with permanent marker facing upwards - into the water. The washable marker will leak through to reveal a colourful rainbow.

If you are performing the trick to an audience you’ll want to tell them that you will magical make colour appear on your line drawing, then place it into water and say Ta-Da!

Our kids have so much fun creating this trick and everyone we show seems amazed. Since so many people still don’t seem to know this cool trick, we just had to share it. We hope you enjoy the magic!

You can create any design you wish, have fun and get creative!

Visual steps:


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