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Brighten up the dark winter nights by adding colour into your home and onto your tree. This is a fun weaving craft for ages 4 and up. Younger children could give it a whirl too by wrapping the coloured string around the sticks in whatever pattern they’d like and painting each stick a different colour of the rainbow. It‘s not just a colourful ornament, this hanging ornament is a great interpretation of the colour wheel to use for teaching primary and secondary colours. The secondary colours sit between the primary ones. It’s the perfect visual display to show the relationship between each colour. You can also explore what complementary colours are, since they sit directly opposite from each other on this colour wheel snowflake. Basically, this ornament is as magical as a rainbow - they both hold many secrets you can explore.

There’s something magical about seeing a rainbow and wondering how it formed. You can talk about how rainbows are made while creating this craft. If you have a prism on hand that’s even better. White light is a mixture of wavelengths of every visible spectrum of a rainbow. When light passes through a prism it will bend and split to create a rainbow. The same way it reflects from raindrops and water. A rainbow is created when white light is diffracted into its component colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo.

Materials for each ornament:

  1. colourful string or yarn - every colour of the rainbow

  2. 3 wood popsicle sticks that have cut out areas (building popsicle sticks)

  3. 2 flat push pins

Colour wheel snowflake Ornament using yarn

Step by step image gallery:

How to make this colour wheel snowflake ornament;

Before you begin, feel free to paint the popsicle sticks too. We decided to keep it natural wood but add your own creativity to this project if you’d like.

Make sure you use the building popsicles sticks that have indents all the way up. It helps hold the string into place. If you are concerned with using pushpins you can glue the popsicle sticks into place instead. Our pushpins stayed secure because we added two - one for each side, however always supervise closely to make sure it’s secure and have an adult secure the pushpins.


  1. put 3 popsicle sticks together in a circular cross pattern, like shown in the pictures, and attach them in the middle with a flat pushpin. Steps 1 and 2 should be done by an adult.

  2. turn the attached popsicle sticks over and put one more push pin in the middle on the other side. This makes it stronger and super secure.

  3. tie your first colour of string onto one popsicle stick near the centre.

  4. weave it back and forth between two popsicle sticks, at every indent on the stick. Always start the weave from the centre and work your way outward. When you finish the weave, tie a knot to secure the string.

  5. add the second colour right beside the first by tying the string onto the next popsicle stick. Weave the string back and forth along both indents of the two sticks. You have to put the string through the other string and weave it up and through and around the popsicle stick.

  6. Add the next colour again to the next stick and weave it again back and fourth along the blank popsicle stick and the popsicle stick with coloured yarn.

  7. keep adding each colour one at a time to each popsicle stick, weaving into the one next to it until all of the colours are complete.

  8. See pictures for additional instruction.

Colour wheel snowflake Ornament using string

Our children love rainbows and working with colourful materials, so this craft was an absolute hit. We hope you have fun creating this craft and making beautiful rainbow weaving. Don’t forget to go outside if the sun is shining in the rain, you might see a real beautiful rainbow!

Follow us and tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons if you create this craft, we would love to see your rainbow creation!


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