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You will have a blast with this Rocket Bird Craft because it can blast off into space! Well maybe it can’t go that far, but it will stretch your imagination.

This Rocket bird isn’t meant to look like a specific bird, it is designed to pique their curiosity and teach children about the wonderful world of imagination. Creating new concepts and new ideas can sometimes be tricky but we can foster it in children by showing them new ways of thinking. One way to create a new idea is by adding two common things together to create an entirely new idea, like Rocket Bird!

This imaginative and playful craft is easy to create but can become a toy afterwards and further enhance imagination through creative play.

We have included a free printable template to trace onto cardboard. Kids can paint it however they’d like. When the paint is completely dry simply add some yarn, string, ribbon or paper strips to the end and blast off with your arm.

R O C K E T B I R D 🚀🐦


  1. Cardboard - like from an old cereal box

  2. Acrylic paint or washable paint

  3. A pencil

  4. Paint brush

  5. Scissors

  6. Tape or Glue

  7. Coloured yarn, string, ribbon or strips of paper.


1. Draw a Rocket bird onto cardboard.

2. Cut out the bird shaped like the image below.

FREE BIRD TEMPLATE: You can use our free printable template from out printables section under the main menu. Find it under blog templates near the bottom.

4. Paint the bird RED and add some yellow and orange too if you’d like!

Make sure to put down a piece of paper (or something) under the cardboard cutout for easy cleanup and to protect your table

5. Cut out several pieces of yarn or string or paper strips, as many as you’d like. We made ours 6 inches in length so that it wasn’t too long but long enough to look good. We probably cut out about 30 pieces total of orange, red, yellow and pink yarn.

Use any colour you’d like for the Rocket bird “flame”.

6. Attach the yarn flame to the back of the bird onto the tail with glue or tape. Use a sticky tape like duct tape to secure it really well, several pieces of clear tape also works great! Another way is to glue it on by placing glue onto the tail then place the yarn onto the glue and let it dry. You can secure it even further by glueing a piece of paper over the glued yarn to help secure it.

Now your Rocket Bird is complete and it’s time to play!

You can also display your bird outside (in good weather) or hang it up inside on your wall.

You can also paint a painting of the rocket bird by using the free printable as a guideline.

We used Acrylic paint on a small canvas board.

We hope you have fun getting creative and making these unique Rocket birds! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @acorns.and.aprons and we will feature your creations as a story!


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