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Mosaic Art is fun to create and all ages can participate in this activity. A small child can create an abstract piece, while the more advanced artist can create a more thought out intricate pattern, from landscape, to still-life, or portraits. Children can have fun lining up the pieces of stones and pebbles - sorting and organizing them. They can deconstruct and make a new pattern easily. No need to glue anything down, just give them a frame to work within to build and recreate patterns over and over. When they have the perfect image to save forever, then you can start gluing each piece down one by one. This takes more time but you will be able to get exact what you want. Another way is to pour the glue into the framing (you can use a wood mosaic frame or recycled jar lid) and then place each piece in a timely and deliberate manner.

Our older child worked with a wooden frame, these can by bought at a craft store labelled as a mosiac frame. If you are crafty you can easily make a wooden frame or even use a wood canvas bottom side up. For our two year old, we gave her a plastic lid from a large food container to place the rocks inside however she wanted. Eventually filling it with glue and letting her place her mosiac stones one by one on the glue to become her final art piece.

what you need:

  1. mosaic stones, flat natural stones, pebbles.

  2. paint (if you wish to paint some rocks).

  3. a frame either wooden or from recycled container lids.

  4. glue (that dry clear)

  5. paintbrush for the glue


Use a frame and add the stones or pebbles one at a time making a pattern. We painted some of the stones gold to give it a personal touch. Painting the rocks is an easy way to add colour. We also had some mosaic coloured stones, which can be purchased and most craft and art store.

When you are finished with your pattern, glue each stone down one at a time using glue and a paintbrush, painting glue onto the bottom of each stone and placing it back in it’s proper place.

or pour the glue into a lid or wooden frame prior and then add the stones.

let it dry.

Here’s the finished mosaic after the glue has dried:

Our backyard chickens inspected the work and gave it an A+


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