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Although this year has been challenging for many of us, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s times like this that often help us see what we appreciate the most. We are very Thankful this Thanksgiving (2020) and wanted to express our gratitude by creating handmade clay tiles.

The tiles are ceramic store bought white tiles that I found at a thrift store awhile back and had on hand. We also had various kinds of clay around the house, any kind will work. I suggest air drying clay so that it dries onto the tile and hardens.

This is a fun craft project to do with kids of all ages. As you can see with the bee and earth tile, that our two year old created. It’s a fun activity to create with the family, go around in a circle sharing what you are thankful for. Our household was thankful for pets, nature, rainbow, bees, earth, dogs, chickens, family, art, love and the stars and moon.

what you need:

A tile or tiles (any material - glass, ceramic, cement etc.)

Clay (soft kid’s modelling clay or coloured Polymer clay or air-drying clay etc)

If you use soft modelling clay that doesn’t harden you can hang it up into a frame afterwards.

The steps depend on what you create, but here’s an example of a flower that Charlotte (age 6) created. As you can see she started by covering the entire tile over with blue, and then added each colour as the picture progressed.

Have fun with this activity and feel free to use tools like a pencil to add texture afterwards, by pressing into the clay with it. Below you’ll see some textured imprints that were made on the starry night tile and the chicken.


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