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There was a lot of smoke in the skies this week due to the forest fires. Which meant more time was spent indoors. We try to bring the outdoors inside, so this week we did a bunch of fun arts and crafts themed around nature and animals. We read about wolves and felt inspired to write a poem about whatever thoughts and feelings came to mind. Afterwards we painted a wolf. Charlotte liked my drawing, so I sketched it onto a canvas in pencil and she added whatever colours she wanted to create an expressionist painting. We wanted to paint using our emotions, much like with the poetry.

Click on this link of my wolf drawing to print it out and colour it. Feel free to trace it onto canvas. I hope this will help inspire you to create some wolf poetry and art - and read more about the gray wolf.

Wolf by: Charlotte Stacey

Poetry by: Charlotte Stacey

Wolf by: Angela Meilleur

Here’s a black and white image to print:

Image by: Angela Meilleur


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