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This rainbow craft turned out super gorgeous and is such a beautiful wall hanging. We are also using it as an oversized Christmas Ornament this year. We love that the main material for this craft was found in our own backyard and would have been yard waste. The rainbow is made from trimmed grapevines after the leaves have fallen off for the winter. Grapevines are super smooth and easy to paint. This craft is for all ages, our two year old painted one along side her 6 year old sister. Regardless of your skill level, it will look amazing. We can’t even tell who painted which one.

The rainbow in the photo below was painted by our two year old!


  1. freshly cut grapevine (trimmers or sharp scissors fro cutting it)

  2. washable paint for younger children and acrylic paint for older children. Every colour of the rainbow.

  3. tape, like duct or masking

  4. colourful yarn

These make great Christmas Ornaments! You can make them them smaller or make oversized ornaments like we did. We tested the medium sized one on our tree and it looked so great we kept it there!

We started making up little stories with our other ornaments and how the elves were trying to get to the rainbow.


1. Cut and form an Arch: After you cut 6 pieces of grapevine or some thin bendable twigs. You will need to shape the vine into a curve and dry them out for a few days to set. The way I shaped mine is by taping each one down onto cardboard (or box) into an arch like a rainbow. Placing them exactly how you want the to look once they dry, so make a larger arch for the top and sequence the rainbow pattern down - with purple being a smaller arch.

2. Dry: Once it has dried out (in a few days) take off the tape and begin to paint.

3. Paint: Paint each grapevine a different colour of the rainbow, choose which vine is suitable to which colours by the size and how the bend looks. You may want to prime it with white paint before apply colour.

Note: An adult will have to be the one cutting the grapevine, working together on a special craft project builds bonds. We created great memories while creating this craft and we hope you do too!

4. Dry: Allow the paint to fully dry.

5. Tie together: wrap tape around the ends on both sides in their proper order, try to keep them flat and not to overlap the vines.

6. Wrap: Hide the tape by wrapping a good amount of yarn around the taped part, to create a finished look. You could even glue on some cotton balls if you’d like to create a cloud at each end.

7. Hang: Find a get place to hang it up on a nail or pushpin.

Created by 6 year old Charlotte

Painted by Violet age 2


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